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holiday_blend_dark_halftone_01_grandeHoliday Blend-
Get ready for the holidays with our Holiday Blend Dark Roast Coffee. Available only once a year, this coffee pairs nicely with all holiday desserts.

Print Storm Of The Black Bear-
Our darkest roast. Earthy with a fig and raisin accent. Award winner Oregon State Fair 2010

Print Darkness Of Divinity-
A dark roast coffee that is silky and smooth. Floral shades with hints of honey and cherry undertones. Award winner Oregon State Fair, 2011

Print Blend No. 5-
Roasted to a point between medium and dark, this bright, smooth, three-bean blend has touches of cacao, hints of citrus, and a clean finish. Top Ten Oregon State Fair 2013, Award winner Golden Bean North America 2015

PrintThe Modern Italian-
A medium roast featuring hints of orange and milk chocolate with butterscotch undertones. Award winner Golden Bean North America, 2015

Print El Chupacabra-
A medium roast coffee with a serious bite. Makes a fine drip and a great espresso. 4.5 out of 5 stars on

PrintLittle Bear Blend-
A light roast coffee utilizing the same combination of beans as Storm Of The Black Bear, but done to the other extreme… light! Try them together and see what a difference roast levels make. Strawberry jam on rye toast. Award winner Golden Bean North America 2015